What is a WebQuest and why my students love them?

Have you used WebQuests recently in your World Language classes? No matter where you are in the school year, WebQuests offer a great opportunity for your students to experience authentic culture and to grow intellectually. Let’s explore some of the ways I implement WebQuests in my classroom and why my students love them. My Introduction…

A Spanish/Latino St. Patrick’s Day? Keep Reading! ⤵️

What do you know about the relationship between Spain + Ireland? Did you know that there is a relationship, genetically and culturally between these two powerhouse and unique countries? Here are a few examples below: And so much more! Check out this behind the scenes of a Google Slides presentation with Pear Deck capabilities, of…

Freebie: Mes de la mujer | ¡Tarjetas!

Check out my new FREEBIE for you for Women’s History Month! Have your students honor the important females in their lives by customizing these gorgeous and diverse cards with messages of inspiration & love. A quick demo (less than 2 minutes) is available in the YouTube link below! You can download the 24 individual cards…

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