📆 ¡Nuevo año/Nuevo yo!

🌟 Are you ready to make this school year one for the books? As you gear up for an epic journey with your Spanish students, I’ve got some fabulous tips to help you create the most awesome classroom experience ever! 🚀 Check them out below!

➡️ Talk the Talk, Learn the Names

👋 Let’s start with the basics, shall we? One surefire way to win your students’ hearts is by learning and using their names! So, mi gente, repeat after me, “¡Hola, Juan! ¡Hola, Pavit! ¡Hola, Thienbao! ¡Hola todos!” You’ve just unlocked step one to the secret to building strong connections! 😉 Students want to be seen, heard, and respected. That starts with their names!

➡️ Let the Games Begin!

🎉 Don’t let those awkward first days get you down. Time to bust out the icebreakers & community builders!

And who said icebreakers had to be boring? ¡No, profe! Break the ice with lively activities in Spanish! Get them mingling, laughing, and chatting, all while flexing those language skills. ¡Qué chévere! 🎊 Check out some of my back-to-school tools HERE or this related BLOG POST HERE! Two brand new icebreakers are below (click on the images for more info!):

➡️ Getting to know the profe!

📖 Picture this: you sharing an engaging story of your own Spanish-speaking escapades! Or just sharing with students that you’re a human too and that waking up early is hard for you too! Students love a teacher who genuinely cares and shares their life, feelings, & experiences (within reason of course) 📚 Trust me, they’ll be hanging on to every word! Remember to include pictures, videos, or any other multimedia that you may have at your disposal when applicable. You may want to wrap this into your Orientation or Welcoming slides!

➡️ ¡Viva la Diversidad!

🌍 Celebrate the rich tapestry of Spanish-speaking countries and cultures! Highlight cultural holidays, traditions, and stories from all over the mundo hispano. Let’s show the students the beauty of diversity by creating a truly inclusive classroom. See THIS POST about gender inclusivity & language in Spanish class. ❤️ 🌈

🤔 Interested in activities that dive into cultural explorations of different parts of the Spanish-speaking world? Check out this link HERE or this BLOG POST HERE! Click on the bundle below to prepare for the Fall ⬇️

➡️ Welcome to “La casa española

🎉 Who says your classroom can’t be a cozy Spanish haven? Let’s spruce it up with all things hispanohablante! From colorful posters to cultural curiosities, make it a space where they feel embraced by Hispanic culture. ¡Bienvenidos a nuestra casa!

➡️ Home-School Connection

Make families part of the journey too! Connect with parents to involve them in their child’s language-learning adventure. Share progress and successes to build a strong support system. Recognize their brilliance and let it shine! Acknowledge their efforts, big or small, and reinforce positive behavior. A little praise goes a long way in boosting their confidence as they tackle their Spanish conquests! 🌟 Juntos, we’re unstoppable! 👪

➡️ Finding Common Ground

Remember to kickstart your lessons with themes that resonate with your students. By connecting with their interests and experiences, you’ll spark a passion for language learning. ¡Es hora de aprender con alegría! 🎈 I like to give my kiddos a survey to find out their likes so that I can include them or find something similar in Spanish for our lessons! Consider making a Google Form like this one! Make a copy first when you get the link!

❤️ So, dear Spanish maestros, are you ready to rock this school year with your incredible students? Show them that Spanish isn’t just a subject – it’s a journey of culture, connection, and endless possibilities. ¡Adelante, mi gente Let’s make this year the best Spanish fiesta ever! 💃🏽🎉

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