This post is about a fun, no-prep verb conjugation review game called La Batalla. This winner will keep your kids in the target language & approximate authenticity through the inspired “Batalla Naval” format!

What do kids really want to know?

Many times while in the Spanish class, my students are curious about the authentic traditions and practices of the target culture. For example, students would ask me about the texting world: “How do kids in other countries abbreviate things when they are texting?” Or in the world of games, students ask “Do kids in Spain still call ‘Uno,’ ‘Uno’?

I love these unfiltered questions because they reveal what students really think about and what truly inspires them to learn. This in turn inspired me to study the authentic game “Batalla Naval.” Then, I created a fun, grammatical version that focused on reviewing verb conjugations in Spanish in game form! The game is “La Batalla” and it’s “pretty awesome” (according to my students!).

Students playing an earlier version of La Batalla

How to play & what’s included?

See a brief summary of the game, La Batalla, in the video below. Bullet points follow!

Behind the scenes of “La Batalla”, an interactive & no-prep game for reviewing games

Video Summary:

  • Link to Bundled Resource HERE
  • Review game!
  • Resource geared for Spanish 1 & 2
  • Pulls verbs from Avancemos 1 textbook but is general enough to be used across textbooks; you can preview the verbs before you buy each pack.
  • Included: Teacher instructions + tips; Student facing instructions + tips; a variety of game boards
  • The goal of the game: for students to hide their barco from their partner; and for their partner to try to find their partner’s barco by correctly conjugating the tile that the boat is on

Student Comments:

  • “This is so much fun”
  • “This is a great way to review”
  • “The new worksheets are so inviting”

I recently updated these sheets from a previous version to what you now see today! The kids love them! They are engaged in the activity, it’s a great back-pocket game to pull out quickly, and it’s no prep for the teacher. Isn’t that amazing!

Here are links to my available sets, plus a growing bundle:

Enjoy! Let me know if you have any questions!