I’m sure that many of us teachers (especially if you’re reading this post), ran into February with the following sentiment: to increase awareness of the African diaspora in the Spanish classroom! If so, then you’re in good company. Because I started February like:

But now we are in the middle of February. One-off #BHM lessons have been completed. But how can we keep the cultural richness of February alive in the Spanish classroom throughout the month? I like to explore the African Diaspora in the Americas through the lens of Afro-Latinos, keeping it culturally relevant for Spanish class throughout the WHOLE month, dang it, the whole year! Here are some quick ideas for how you can integrate more culture into the classroom if you’re tight on time or ideas.

Exploring Lived Experiences


Don’t Forget About World Social Justice Day (Feb 20)

  • While Feb is Social Justice Month, Feb 20th is World Social Justice Day! Check out these two new ways that I’ll be incorporating Social Justice themes in my classroom:
Presentation in Pear Deck interactive style and student worksheets!
Word Wall with Social Justice terms!

And btw, Happy Valentine’s Day ❤️

  • I don’t know about you but I get so frustrated at the lack of diversity for Valentine’s Day cards for our students. So I made some. Hope you enjoy them! Different skin tones, LGBTQ+ community represented, and authentic expressions!

So how are you going to get through the middle part of February? Let me know!


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