Welcome to the New Year! You know how the New Year always seems so shiny and, well, new? And you make all these resolutions for change…but many times forget all about them and sink back into your old routine within a few weeks? Let’s fix that by engaging in a weekly challenge to jumpstart our teaching life! Each week we will look at a different aspect of teaching and quick wins for the classroom! This week, we will make lesson planning easy in a few simple steps! 

Video Highlights: 

Block 1: Gather all your materials 

  1. Timer (I find this to be helpful)
  2. Planning/Pacing guide calendar (download your FREEBIE HERE!)
  3. A general idea of the Unit/Chapter that you will be planning 

Block 2: Brainstorm (time dedicated to this step may vary.  Set timer to what feels comfortable to you) 

  • Use backward design to figure out what your desired goal/outcome for the unit/chapter
  • Determine how long you have for the unit/chapter: for example, I’m on a block schedule and I tend to have 2-4 weeks for each full chapter (I teach Spanish 1B)
  • What resources do you have that can support your goal? For example, do you have Presentations, Vocab Sheets, Quizlets, etc? 
  • What resources do you need that can support your goal? Challenge yourself to do something new–Flip; Blooket; Flippety; a new activity; etc! 

Block 3: Design your lesson (time dedicated to this step may vary.  Set timer to what feels comfortable to you) 

  • Start to cast out your lesson over the calendar that you can download for free! LINK HERE! You can do it on paper, online, or on iPad in GoodNotes.  

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    🌟 Don’t forget to check your calendar for any planned fire drills, state tests, holidays, or anything else that may disrupt your plans.  Be sure to accommodate any changes. 

    🌟 Once you get your calendar to how you like it,  start gathering and uploading resources to your learning management system (such as Google Classroom or Blackboard).  If you’d like, hide or avoid posting activities that students can complete for a grade.  But for other things like audio files and presentations, if you have the time to start organizing folders, do it now to stay a step ahead! 

    If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me! You can email me but honestly, just follow me on Instagram and DM me there! 

    Un abrazo enorme, 


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