There is something quite magical about the new year, whether it is something that we just assign to it or if it is truly incredible. I find it full of hope and promise, and a reminder that I am in control of my destiny. What about you? What are your thoughts about the New Year?

Here is a quick round-up post of all things New Year, to get you off on the right foot! This will be a growing post, so bookmark it and check back throughout the month for changes!

It’s the first day back: ¿qué vamos a hacer?

Check out this video summarizing some of my New Year’s Activities on TpT! I’ve even added more to these resources since I filmed this video! Like self-checking quizzes!!! 😱 How exciting!

Here are some no-prep activities that you can implement when you return to school in 2023:

A presentation on NYE traditions from around the Spanish Speaking world! Pear Deck enabled!
A writing activity that you can use standalone OR as an activity that builds off of the previous presentation on NYE.

Don’t forget about this fun freebie for the first week back! ⤵️

Freebie holiday
activity! 👑

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    New Year’s Resolutions: Clean. Up. Everything!

    • A good professional New Year’s goal is to get organized! You can’t have a cultural classroom without an organized classroom! Check out my Edtech YouTube playlist, in particular, my Google Drive Clean Up video!

    ➡️ If you are the reading type, check out the related blog post here!

    MLK and Preparing for Black History Month

    Before you know it, MLK and BHM will be upon us. Start getting ready but taking a look through and grabbing your favorite items for this time of the year. Wonderful resources are available for your kiddos. Check out my catalog below:

    Afro-Latino/BHM Catalogue by Allison Perryman
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