I don’t know about you, but life can be quite unexpected. Expect the unexpected with this simple trick so that you can turn any Pear Deck presentation into an instant sub plan! Check out my video below or read the key takeaways that follow.

Key takeaways:

  • If you find yourself needing to write sub plans, you can convert your already existing Pear Deck presentations into an asynchronous activity that students can complete in class or virtually. Additionally, you can check their completion/progress when you return!
  • First, prepare or select an interactive Pear Deck presentation that you want your students to work through. For example, you could refer to one of my many Pear Deck presentations (which are editable!)!
  • When you start Pear Deck, click on Student Mode (Instead of Teacher Mode) (see above video for visuals)
    • You will have the option to copy the link or send it to Google Classroom. Depending on your learning management platform (i.e., Blackboard, Schoology, etc) you may just want to copy the link so that you can share it how you’d like to with your students! Maybe embedded in a note to students, update, page, post, etc.
  • Don’t forget to copy the link and send it to your students!
  • Later, you can check their work (progress, completion, activity, etc) and make comments on it by logging into your Pear Deck account online (if you’ve never logged on, don’t worry–if you are using Pear Deck, then you should have an online account) and going to “Sessions”

I hope this proves helpful to a teacher out there as easy sub plans! Comment below and let me know how this technique goes for you!

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