I am so excited to share a unique opportunity to grow as a world language teacher: The World Language Teacher Summit! This FREE conference offers quality PD for teachers! I’ve been watching some of the sessions early and I’m blown away by the content. Some of my favs so far:

  • Shifting The Classroom from Language Learning to Real-World Mentality by Jazz Cole
    • I love this look at how to make language real and relevant for students!
  • Teaching Poetry in the World Language Classroom by Diego Ojeda
    • Anything having to do with poetry in the classroom is a win for me!
  • A Culturally Centered Classroom by Pav Kaur
    • Pav does a great job talking about putting culture at the center of the foreign language classroom!
  • What to Avoid when Teaching Songs in the Target Language & What To Do Instead by Bertha Delgadillo
    • Music! Music! Music! With examples from the classroom, Bertha shows how to use music in the classroom!
  • …and there are so many more interesting topics to watch!

And guess what? This year I got to take part in the conference with my session on Inclusivity: Ways to Highlight Diversity in the World Language Classroom. This topic is so important for the modern world language classroom since more than 50% of students under the age of 18 identify as non-white (NCES). Respecting and affirming that diversity is crucial for our classes.

Interested in attending this year’s conference? Then snag your ticket HERE or below*

FREE & ONLINE | Oct. 10th – 14th, 2022

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*PS: If you decide that purchasing the All-Access Pass (using my links above) is the best option for you, I will receive a portion of the purchase. This allows the host to organize this conference and to bring you quality material! ❤️

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