T-minus…6 weeks…4 weeks…2 weeks…no weeks…until your classroom door opens and you welcome a new crop of wide-eyed chiquitos! How exciting yet terrifying at the same time…🙃

I wanted to share some awesome resources that you can use to help you get started during the first weeks of class!

But first, let’s start with a freebie! ⬇️ 2+ weeks of Level One content! Grab your copy today! Use as a review for other levels!


Receive more than two weeks of level 1 teaching material! Can be used for other levels as review!

    Starting off the year:

    1. Cultural Webquests & Digital Notebooks: What better way to get to know each other than through the lens of culture! Check out my video below explaining my Cultural Webquests & Digital Notebooks. Cultural Webquests & Digital Notebooks take students on a journey to other countries and cultures, as well as allow for reflection 🙂 Links to each one are in the YouTube description box and a few examples are linked below! ⬇️


    A cultural look at México
    A cultural look at Colombia
    A mix of DOTD, Thanksgiving, & Navidad webquests/digital notebooks
    Digital Notebook for DOTD
    All of my cultural resources!
    A look at Puerto Rico!

    My top México items (growing bundle)

    2. Icebreaker activities!

    Get to know your students & help them get to know each other during the first days/weeks with these engaging ice breaker activities! They are so much fun–check out the links below to see if they are a good fit for your class!

    3. Classroom Decor

    Freebie alert! Want some cool classroom decor while promoting diversity and inclusion! Checkout my freebie posters! Link below ⬇️

    Get your *free* posters

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      Want more decor ideas & ways to create a more inclusive classroom environment? Check out this bundle that I created ⬇️

      4. Try Building A Positive Classroom Environment With A Game: “¿Adivina Quién?

      Adivina Quién is a fun game inspired by Guess Who, with tons of built in scaffolding, making it a great game for levels one and two! This can create a great and positive environment, especially with the diversity of characters on the board. Enjoy!

      I hope that these activities and freebies are useful for you! Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions!!!

      Con mucho amor,


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