¡Hola mis amores! Summer, finalmente, ha llegado! For some, that means that it is time to kick back and relax! For others, they are still just a few days away from la libertad (sí, ¡se puede!)–but in a few a weeks we’ll all be midday napping, hopefully. 🤣😴

Summer Music

I’ve got my mind set on chillaxing to some of my favorite music, both new and old. I wanted to share some of my playlists with you! Remember, not everything is school-friendly. This is a teacher fun zone only!

🎤 The Tiny Desk Concert Series, in Spanish

This is a link to one of my favorite playlists, The Tiny Desk Concert Series, but with Spanish-speaking artists. Want to go old school with me with Carlos Vives? Learn about Yendry? Rock out to Chocquibtown? Well here you go: enjoy!

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    My Private Summer Jams Playlist 2022

    First and foremost: This is a judgment-free zone! I put a few albums that I like to throw on in the background but honestly, I’m not sure of half of what is going on–I’m just bopping along to the beat while I do stuff! Pick and choose which Summer Songs you’ll be listening to this year! I’ll be adding to this list as the summer goes along.

    • Please note that some songs may be explicit. Note, this is just a smattering of music that I vibe out to–no need to judge. If you don’t like it, just skip over it!

    Hope you enjoyed this musical tour of my summer brain! Comment below if you want more content like this!!!


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