I recently surveyed my fellow teachers and found out that many struggled with issues that I could help out with: thankfully a decade in the classroom leaves you with a few tricks up your sleeve! Thus the birth of a new series: Quick Tips. I broke down the top and reoccurring questions into short videos (averaging around 3-5 minutes) to address Spanish and World Language classroom teachers’ concerns.

This year (IRL) I was a mentor to a new teacher at my school! It was a rich and rewarding experience. Consider me your mentor on topics that concern you!

Have a hot topic that concerns you? Email me at theculturalclassroomtpt@gmail.com and maybe I can feature it in a video!

This new YouTube series premiered on April 14th, 2022, with new videos launching every Wednesday afternoon. Subscribe today so you don’t miss a single video!

A Look At Some Topics: Culture & Music

On April 14th, the first video addressed a top concern of many Spanish teachers: what exactly is culture? In this video, I break down the many forms of culture and what valuable nuggets we might be missing out on in our classrooms.

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    I also released a bonus video about one of my favorite forms of culture and how I personally integrate it in class! 🎶

    Additional resources that I use when using music in the class:

    Mix Musical Series

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