The mission of The Cultural Classroom is to create authentic cultural resources for teachers to use and to facilitate the creation of authentic cultural journeys in the classroom. During the month of February, we focused heavily on Afro-Latinos, an underrepresented population within the Latino community. If you missed any of those resources, check out my friend’s article on my resources, by Srta. Spanish->Afro-Latino Resources by The Cultural Classroom.

For March, we will be focusing on two groups: neurodiverse populations and Latinas. March is both Women’s History Month and celebrates the causes of neurodiverse populations. As a person who squarely fits into both categories, I am excited to take this journey with you and to share my experiences, talent, and resources with you so that you can empower your students! Today, let’s delve into a Latina Women’s History Month, brought to you by The Cultural Classroom!

Playlists & Resources for Women’s History Month–with a Latina Twist

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Celebrate the women in your life!

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    My students enjoyed the interaction with Pear Deck and I loved that there was Spanish and English so I could easily differentiate for my different levels!

    TpT Review on Mix Musical: Mujeres
    WHM Catalogue by Allison Perryman

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