Looking for a fun (and *free*) activity to do with your students for Día de los Muertos? Check out my LyricsTraining activity for “Cempasúchil” by Monsieur Periné.

Listen to full song here:

The lyrics are beautiful and related to Día de los Muertos. You could listen to the song as a class and analyze the lyrics before or after the LyricsTraining activity. Check out these stanzas:

Cempasúchil florecerá
Un jardín de colores y olores se vestirá
Cempasúchil mío serás
Y el otoño en noviembre por siempre, nos reunirá

Adiós, adiós, adiós
En mi sigues vivo pero estás tan lejos
No me verás llorar
Hoy saldré a celebrar tu día de muerto
Me pongo a cantar

Lyrics from Musixmatch.com

Using LyricsTraining

Have you ever tried LyricsTraining before? It is so easy and requires no setup.

  1. Just give the link to the students:

Link to free Día de los Muertos themed LyricsTraining activity: https://bit.ly/3mk3GOE

2. Direct your students to select their level of difficulty.

3. Don’t forget to remind the students to choose “write mode” or “choice mode.”  I think the default is “write mode.” I suggest “choice mode” for the lower levels and “write mode” for the upper levels in Spanish. 

4. Now start the game and let the kids enjoy themselves while they learn about a culturally appropriate topic for Día de los Muertos. 

Let me know how you enjoy this activity! 

Warning: As always, be sure to preview this activity before you present it to your class. What is appropriate for my students may not be appropriate for yours. They do say the word “tequila” once in this song in reference to the culturally accurate items that are placed on ofrendas. Not sure if that’s a big deal for you!

Un abrazo,


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