Is anybody a bit nervous about the start of the new school year? My district is all about going full speed ahead into a in-person learning environment, meanwhile, we have to contend with the Delta variant. I’m not sure what other districts are doing: part time, virtual, fully in-person–so I created a series of lessons that could be taught in person or virtually! They are planned for block lessons. (Might actually pace for more than 2 weeks–depends on your kids. My kids are 1b but I’m treating them like 1’s). I hope you enjoy!

¡Un beso!



Receive more than two weeks of level 1 teaching material! Can be used for other levels as review!

    Week 1 theme: ¡A Conocerles! (2 presentations)

    • Preview: 1st presentation (Wk 1a)
      • Review of basic introductions in Spanish with visuals
      • Grammatical explanations on slides or speaker notes
      • 23 slides
      • Pear Deck enabled

    • Preview: 2nd presentation (Wk 1b)
      • Review of introductory questions and answers, such as ¿cuántos años tienes?, ¿cuándo es tu cumpleaños?, ¿de dónde eres?, and ¿dónde vives?
      • Games & reinforcement activities are embedded throughout the presentation
      • Musical cultural break!
      • 34 slides!
      • Pear Deck enabled

    Week 2 theme: ¡A Describirnos (y a otros)!

    • Preview: Week 2 presentation
      • Review of how to describe one’s self in very general terms
      • Games & reinforcement activities are embedded throughout the presentation
      • Yoga break in Spanish! (for SEL)

    Also interested in fun and exciting back to school “getting to know you” activities? These activities that I created are great for early levels in Spanish but can be leveled up and customized for your needs.

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