Looking for some fun activities for the Spanish 1-2 classrooms for the first couple of weeks? Not sure if you are going to be virtual or in-person (or a mix of both)? Check out my various projects, including a mega freebie! I’ll go into detail on each item below:

1. FREEBIE: Todo sobe mi presentación and actividad

You have hit the jackpot with this project! Not only do you get a fun “faux” social media project that students can then present about themselves, you can level it up or down according to language ability AND you can have them present about themselves or others! If your students know each other well, you can cover up the “name” part and have students guess who the student is!

Additionally, this freebie comes with a comprehensive review presentation, so it’s suitable for everyone from Spanish 1 and up. Project is in the target language. Click below for details.

Create community in your class! In Spanish!

Download this bundle of Spanish SEL slides that you can use for warm-ups and community builders, particularly important nowadays! All slides are in Spanish that can be leveled up or down in Pear Deck.

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    2. Spanish Back to School Activity: Human Bingo!

    Awesome product that can be played virtually (in breakout rooms) or in-person! With “Human Bingo,” students must interview each other in the target language until they find enough students to fill out a BINGO row! Instructions are given on how this activity can be blown into a full class+ (45 mins+) by having the students review the vocabulary on the Bingo sheet. This activity is geared towards level 1 & 2. Can novice students do it? There is a lot of scaffolding on the checklist sheet that comes with the project AND depending on how much teachers pre-teach/expect from their students, this could be a very successful game with novice learners and build confidence in the target language from day 1! Honestly, I’ll be doing it with my level ones this Fall!

    • Sample questions:
      • ¿Tienes 12 años?
      • ¿Te gusta la pizza?
      • ¿Hablas inglés?
      • and more!

    3. Spanish Back to School Activity: Classmate Interview!

    Target language for the win! Here is a great activity to get students talking (and reviewing & learning)! This is also possible to do virtually in breakout rooms (more info in product) or in-person; students will be paired with another student and they will interview each other. The interview sheet is very visual and fun to fill out. Students can even draw some of their answers! Teachers can give a pre-lesson to students who are more novice in their Spanish career by projecting the project and going over the different questions on the sheet (and then allowing students to use dictionaries such as spanishdict.com or wordreference.com). This is an enjoyable project that can even be presented at the end of class in order to practice speaking skills!

    Suerte this Fall! Whether or not we are ready, it is coming (see meme below, lol)! But, know that I’m here to help any way that I can!

    Un abrazo,



    End of School Year Meme: REPAREYOURSEL
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