Recently, I was on Facebook and I saw a post asking for help: did anyone have a Peardeck slideshow on ser & pronouns? Ironically, I just taught that lesson that day! I posted a response saying that if anyone wanted a copy of my slideshow, they were more than welcome to email me. The response was surprising! I guess all of us Spanish 1 teachers are about the same place, in the same boat!

So here is my freebie, no strings attached, Peardeck enabled slideshow on ser & pronouns. It includes a Kahoot, a songsheet, and several activities to keep the students busy and to reinforce learning. Please make a copy of the presentation when you plan on editing it! FYI: I am using the Avancemos 1 textbook.

(also) Link: 

New to Peardeck? Check out my videos that I made a while back on how to use Peardeck:  

I only ask that you let me know in the comments what you think about the slideshow in the comments. I’m thinking about sharing all of my Powerpoints (I’m planned through the year), and I’d love some feedback!

Con mucho amor y cariño, 

❤️ Allison

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