How many of you are looking forward to a #reset over Thanksgiving break? 🙋‍♀️It may not look like how our holidays have traditionally looked, but boy, could we use the break! 😴

In the days leading up to a break, it can often be confusing as to what to teach: you don’t want to introduce new material because you don’t want the kids to forget it during break, but you also don’t want to bore the students with a review of old material. This is where my nifty digital notebook/webquest 🌍 comes in: a cultural project that explores American and Latino traditions for the Thanksgiving holiday. You get to hand over this no-prep product to them, and they get to learn a ton about culture! #winwin

Hm, looking for something to customize? You can do that here too! This product is completely customizeable and editable. Learn more below & on my TPT site!

So what do you think? Check out more details here:

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