Do you know what month it is?

::waits for you to check a calendar::

Despite it feeling like part 101 of month Cuarentena, it is actually Hispanic Heritage Month! From September 15th to October 15th, the United States celebrates the many accomplishments of Hispanics. You might have had tried and true ways to pay homage in your brick & mortar school, but how do you celebrate in your virtual learning environment?

Here are some quick and easy ideas:

  1. Music: incorporate music from Hispanic culture in your daily classes. I play this YouTube playlist all the time when I’m looking for a quick fix in class–>link here. This can be anything from playing music in the opening moments when students are logging onto class or it can be more instructional with a mini-lesson on the song/artist. You can achieve this with the awesome Manía Musical or Mix Musical, which explore different genres and countries, honoring the contributions of various Hispanics.
  2. Banners: create festive decorations for your Google Classroom or Blackboard using Powerpoint! Search online for templates (don’t remake the wheel if you don’t have to!)
  3. Check out and see how you can bring elements of it into the classroom. From featuring media clips, doing a “Hispanic of the Day”, stories, etc, this is a great resource from the Library of Congress.
  4. Project: you can grab a quick, no-prep project where the students will learn tons about Hispanic culture (especially art). Rubric & graphic organizers included–music to a teacher’s ears! 🎶 Check out more details here.

Do you have any other quick tips for celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month in the virtual classroom? Leave a comment below!

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