Last week was my first week of online teaching for the Fall and it went relatively well! I only had two hiccups:

  1. My daughter suddenly got sick one morning and I had to call out. Luckily, it was on an “even” day, so the students did the “odd” day schoolwork which was already posted online.
  2. The internet connection in my neighborhood was experiencing issues. We were advised to post asynchronous work for the students. Fortunately, my class went on without a hitch, so I didn’t have to post anything special.

I got lucky those two times, but what if I really couldn’t access my class or students? I realized that I should have asynchronous work for them–just in case. If you’re looking for back up plans or even something fun to assign, check out this free option below, which has been downloaded over 1,400 times!

¡Disfruta el español! choice board on Teachers Pay Teachers: Free

¡Disfruta el español! choiceboard for distance learning

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