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My teacher office glam up & special surprise

In need of a new place to work

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen my previous office tour of my dedicated teacher workspace in my bedroom. I was so proud of it! I made lemonade out of lemons 🍋 for the sake of distance learning! But as the space became more lived-in and I accumulated more supplies for my work and my business (and for my special surprise for you all… 👀), I quickly outgrew the space.  This all led to an important question in my small 2 bedroom townhouse: 

Where was I going to set up shop to seriously work? 

I’m sure a lot of teachers have encountered this situation.  I needed space to spread out and to store my materials.  It also had to be “camera-ready” for my distance learning classes. The only space I could think of was to convert the currently unused playroom into an office (my townhouse was blessed with a spare room).  My daughter has been hanging out more in the common spaces, like the living room and dining room, and also her bedroom, leaving the playroom often in the dark. 

I consulted with my daughter, asking her if it were ok if mommy set up her office for work in the playroom.  She asked a few questions (like, why couldn’t I put my office on the terrace? That space wasn’t used!), but ultimately, she kindly said yes! 

Check out my tour below of my glam office that I created in a small nook of the house that used to be a playroom. Product links are listed in the description space on the YouTube page. 
In this new office, I’ve been able to work more comfortably on a special surprise for my followers.  What do you think it is? Check out the big reveal below!
Thanks for rocking with me, mi gente. I can’t wait to unveil all of the surprises that I have in store for you!





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