Kids are getting even more alerts and more messages than ever from their teachers and schools. How do we stand out, or “break through the noise”, in making sure that our students receive and open our messages?

Last week I published my blog post “How to Create a Virtual Classroom with Bitmojis: in 5 Simple Steps”. I’m so happy to say that it was generally well received! Teachers found the steps easy to follow and the message timely. Thanks to all the sweet messages across social media platforms that were related to last week’s post!

I also adored the virtual classrooms that you guys created and shared with me. This was so cool!:

But 1 question would pop up every now and then in different spaces that got me thinking: How or why would I ever use this in my class?

What a great question and observation! As teachers we are constantly chasing (or being chased by) the newest craze; so what makes this special.

I think the power is in the fact that you can creatively embed any type of link that you want.

For example, in the below short video, you will see a screenshot of my first Bitmoji scene. I used it as an eye catchy reminder for different tasks.

It was a way to break through the noise.

And by noise, I mean that we compete for our students’ attention. Because they too are drowning in emails, Google Classroom & Blackboard alerts, Calendar reminders, etc.

Wouldn’t it be nice to creatively breakthrough the noise? In enters Bitmoji virtual classrooms. Kids seem to respond well to them (probably because it reminds them of Snapchat, if your students are of that age).

If you had doubts before about using Bitmoji virtual classrooms, let me know how you feel now in the comments below or on social media!

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