Recently, I’ve noticed that virtual classrooms have become all the craze online! Everyone is either making one or wants to make one. I tried my hand at it and tested it out with my students. They loved the concept! I was able to send them a midweek reminder of their assignments along with a playlist of songs, all in a fun, creative way. ­čśü

I wanted to make some short videos to teach others how to make virtual classrooms with Bitmojis, so that you too can enjoy the benefits of this cool innovation. Check out my videos below, all under 10 minutes, instructing you on the different steps to putting together a virtual classroom. If you already know a step (for example, how to access Google Slides), simply skip it! Think of this tutorial like a menu: you get to pick what you want to learn!

I thought it would be fun to do a challenge with you guys: When you create your Bitmoji, snap a pic & post on social media with the hashtag #TheCulturalClassroom. Let’s push ourselves to always keep learning and innovating! I can’t wait to see and feature your virtual classrooms!


ÔŁĄ´ŞĆ Allison

Overview: Making Your Own Virtual Classroom with Bitmojis

1. How to Add a Bitmoji Extension to Your Browser

2. How to Get Your Bitmoji to Speak in Spanish

3. How to Access Google Slides

4. How to Decorate Your Virtual Classroom

5. How to Create Links in Your Virtual Classroom

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