¡Hola mi gente! Recently I’ve been pretty passionate about utilizing virtual field trips to enliven the Spanish classroom. Virtual field trips are a way to bring authentic culture and the target language into the classroom (#win/#win)! They’re also a great opportunity to open our students’ minds to the world. I first talked about planning virtual trips in my post about organizing my Semana Santa virtual field trip (freebie alert in that post!). Then, I put together another post on quick tips for building an engaging virtual field trip.

This weekend, I decided to go in-depth, sharing in videos what I couldn’t share in text. I broke up the content into less than 10-minute clips that you can watch (or listen to as podcasts). I hope that you enjoy them! Let me know in the comments below. Where might you go on your virtual field trip?

4 Steps to Planning A Virtual Trip: Overview

Virtual Class Field Trips: Engaging Visuals

Virtual Class Field Trips: Google Maps, Parts 1 & 2

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