During the quarantine, I’ve been both blessed and cursed with “free time.” My school has not been anxious to start online lessons, so we have been in a holding pattern for weeks. I don’t do well in situations like this–I can’t just sit on my hands and do nothing. Therefore, I’ve tried to use this time as productively as possible–focusing on my daughter, my blog and on the things that matter to me. One important “to-do” item for me has been working on my Teachers Pay Teachers store. There is a lot that goes into making a product, as many of my readers probably know! The creation phase, the making of the thumbnail, the marketing/advertising: it’s a lot! But I digress.

Like many teachers, I created #COVID19WL products such as my Vocabulary Choiceboard and my Taste of Puerto Rico Distance Learning Project. But I also wanted to make some quality freebies, which I had seen a lot of other teachers I respected doing.

It really changed my mindset. So I put my heart into two projects.

Freebies for Distance Learning

The first is available on Teachers Pay Teachers as a freebie download. “Disfruta el español” is a choiceboard. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, I highly recommend it! It is pretty generic and can be used with a lot of levels. Please be sure to leave a positive review after you download it!

The second is only available here! I was completely inspired by the success of my choiceboard that I did research on alternate formats and I came up with a “menu.” I aligned the menu with ACTFL standards so that the appetizer is an Interpersonal task, the main course is an Interpretive task, and the dessert is a Presentational task. This way, students exercise all of their skills!

The individual tasks, or activities, refer to “previous units” (not specific books) and offer enough options that there is something accessible for everyone. I’m very excited about this project!

Download your copy here!

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