When this COVID-19 crisis shut down schools and distance learning became a real possibility, I was disappointed for many reasons, one of which was that I couldn’t bring my “pizzazz” into the class and work one-on-one with the kids. The other was that I might not be able to use one of my favorite technology resources, Pear Deck. But through a few tweets with the company, I found out that you can indeed use Pear Deck for distance learning!

One of the things that I love about Pear Deck is that it boosts student engagement during the lesson. If ever a time were necessary for a “boost,” it would be now! So I made a series of short videos on how to “Pear Deck-ify,” that is, add Pear Deck elements, to an already existing Google Slides presentation. Remember, if you have a Powerpoint presentation, you can upload those into Google Slides too! Check out my previous post on the basics of Pear Deck: https://theculturalclassroom.school.blog/2020/03/09/my-no-nonsense-guide-to-getting-started-with-pear-deck/

How to Pear Deck-ify Your Current Slideshow Presentation:


1. At the Beginning of the Lesson

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    2. As a Formative Assessment

    3. As a Check for Understanding & Exit Ticket (& Formative Assessment continued)

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