What does one do with seemingly indefinite time off and no immediate plans for instruction for kids? Well, you go into planning mode. I’ve been lurking on all my favorite teaching websites, hoarding ideas, and preparing them to share with my followers and eventually, my students. Hopefully, you will find them useful. A link to the files referenced is here in my Google Drive–>Google Drive. Please comment below if you have any trouble accessing them.

This is a constantly evolving list, so please check back daily for new additions!

I broke the files up into the following categories/folders:

Freebies/Ready to Use

These files are Google Docs that are ready to use. They are either choice boards, reading activities, etc. They are quality activities that you can determine how long you want to spend on them. Some are longer than others.


Links to Free TPT Resources

First, let me begin by saying that this is not an exhaustive list. But it is a start–sometimes I get too overwhelmed when I have too many options! But if you search “Distance Learning Spanish” or “COVID19WL”, some more options should pop up.

In this folder, I put a Google Doc with links to a few Teachers Pay Teachers Websites that were offering freebies. Similar to above (“Freebies”), but I’d rather you click through the link so the click throughs & downloads count for the sellers. That’s the least we can do!


Museums and Music

Several museums and opera houses are offering free tours/streaming of their services. I’m looking forward to taking advantage of this service!


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    This folder has a list of some of my favorite technology to use, such as Pear Deck and Flip Grid. It also has a one sheeter on new ways that you can use Google Suite!


    Websites with Material

    This folder lists websites that have Spanish content that you can assign to your students! I reviewed one of them in a previous post here: https://theculturalclassroom.school.blog/2020/03/13/threats-of-school-closure-due-to-covid-19-check-out-these-free-spanish-lesson-plans-for-10-days-product-review/.

    Websites & materials here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1IF2Wkc1HJN33WbUG1HjMHeTIVnY2EhEQ

    Classroom Expectations

    This folder includes a fabulous template for online classroom expectations. There is also another one that is already filled out. You can find the materials here: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/5/folders/1wH4GHe51lp1GhcJQ5ZEOJeAFVAj9IX4Z

    **Apps & Sites for Students

    In this folder, I placed a running list of websites and apps that students can use to practice their Spanish.  Do you have any recommendations? Let me know in the comments below.  Here is a link to the list: 


    **Video & Film

    This folder contains links to awesome free telenovelas available on YouTube and other great resources. Check them out! 



    While Google is always a great option, travel the world with these sites! 



    We all need moments to relax.  Here are a few activities to relax in Spanish, including Yoga and Drawing in Spanish. 



    This folder contains a dozen links to some great Spanish resources that will help students of all levels practice their audio skills! 


    One final thought

    And finally, you might have noticed that I have a running Excel spreadsheet of resources broken up by category. This list is awesome and I can’t take credit for making it. I found it in a teacher group online: https://drive.google.com/open?id=171gwd8CKm2PRfgI22fiskqTT_K6HOSuO

    I hope this post makes your work a little easier. <3

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    ** = new category

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