How do you self care?

This is a question that I ask everyone around me. Very few people have an answer. Most people have no idea how they self care. They simply don’t. They just go, and go, and go, without caring for themselves. This is a very unhealthy and an unwise tactic for life, especially for teachers, who are always giving of their souls to 150 students (for HS/MS teachers), then to their significant others, children, family, etc. Other professions can relate. I would know. I didn’t self care and then I experience “the grand crash.” If it can happen to me–successful, productive, on top of my game–it can happen to anyone. That’s why I’m on a mission to educate people on self care.

I came up with my top 3 self care techniques. It was very hard to choose just three because I have so many! Today, I’m releasing tip #1. On Saturday, I’ll release tip #2. Then on the following Wednesday, I’ll release tip #3. This is my first series on self care.

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