When is enough, enough? It is important to be in tune with your body in order to prevent a breakdown.

On Thursday at the end of the school day, I stared blankly at my messy school desk. My mind hopped between items on a medium length to-do list: sign divorce papers, send emails, go to therapy, pick up Ava, grade papers, figure out dinner. I sat staring at my desk, not knowing where to begin, which is not typical behavior for me anymore. My coworker popped her head in: “Are you ok?” “Yea,” I said, between a partially forced smile. “Just a little overwhelmed and under the weather. You know, I was thinking, I might take off Friday.” No sooner did the word “Friday” come out of my mouth than my coworker buzzed over to her class and returned with sub plans for my students. If you aren’t a teacher, you don’t understand how meaningful of a gesture that is. If you are a teacher, you know that my coworker was on #saintstatus.

But what was going on? My brain was bogged down by a lot of situational and emotional stressors. I recognized that I needed a day to exhale for self care. This is essential for the maintenance of my mental health. What does self care look like? It can look like a long walk. Prayer. Scrapbooking. Drawing. Writing/Journaling. Listening to music. Just something positive that disrupts the negative cycle in my brain.

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EVERYONE should have a self care routine. What do you do to take care of YOU?

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